Permissions: Site Admins and Job Admins who can create and view private candidates

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

For some candidates, you may want to keep the details of their interview private and schedule a private interview. When a job's interviews are made private, Greenhouse will add it to the hiring team's external calendars as a private calendar event. The interview's details, including the event name, will be hidden.

Note: Interviews on a shared calendar will be public to all users with access to that calendar.

Interviews for a job can be set to private when you're creating a new job. At the Interview Plan step, mark the checkbox labeled Make all interviews private.

private_interviews_create a job.jpg

If you create a new job by copying an existing job, the new job's interviews will also be created as private calendar events.

You can also mark an interview as private from the Interview Plan page. Mark the checkbox labeled Make all interviews private. All interviews will automatically be scheduled as private. For a job that currently has candidates moving through the interview stages, each future interview will be scheduled as private.


A candidate profile that is marked as private, interviews associated with that candidate will automatically be private.