RapidVerify integration for Greenhouse Onboarding

Simplify I-9 completion and E-Verify processes with our Greenhouse Onboarding integration. This ensures accurate employee identity verification, promoting a secure and compliant hiring environment for your organization.

Create a Greenhouse Onboarding API credential

To configure the RapidVerify integration, you’ll need to create an Onboarding API Key. Follow the steps in this article to create the key.

When creating the API Credentials, name the key RapidVerify for easy identification.

Configure Greenhouse Onboarding on RapidVerify

After generating the Onboarding API key, enter it into RapidVerify. Navigate to Integrations from the dashboard, and choose Greenhouse.

Greenhouse Integration

Choose Greenhouse Onboarding.

Greenhouse Integration

Enter the following information:

  • API Credentials: Copy and paste your Access Key & Secret Key from Greenhouse Onboarding.
  • I-9 Completion: Select how you would like employee I-9's completed.
  • Email Updates: Select which email to send the E-Verify Status Updates to.

Greenhouse Integration

Once you have configured the integration, click Submit.

Create a custom field group in Greenhouse Onboarding

Once your integration is set up, open Greenhouse Onboarding and create a custom field group to track the employee's E-Verify Status.

You'll need to create two fields as part of this integration.

When an employee has completed their I-9 and is being processed by RapidVerify, that field will update with the status.

Greenhouse Integration

E-Verify status field

To create a new field group, open the Fields page under Settings > Company Info > Fields.

Click Add Field Group in the top right corner and when prompted enter RapidVerify E-Verify Integration. This will create a new field group that we will create the integration fields under.

Greenhouse Integration

Next, click the three dots on the right-hand side and click Add Field.

Greenhouse Integration

Create a field titled E-Verify Status and select the field type as Single Select.

Copy and paste the following options into the Selection Options area.

Ready to export

Employment Authorization Confirmed

E-Verify Needs More Time

SSA Tentative Nonconfirmation (mismatch)

DHS Tentative Nonconfirmation (mismatch)

Employer Action Required

Employment Authorization Not Confirmed

Case Referred to SSA

Case Referred to DHS

In Progress

Click Save.

Greenhouse Integration

E-verify notes field

Repeat the steps from above to create a second field, but this time call the field E-Verify Notes and select the field type as a Long Textbox.

Greenhouse Integration

More information about creating Fields in Greenhouse Onboarding is available here.

For any questions on creating custom fields, please contact your Greenhouse Onboarding Customer Success Manager.

What to expect from the integration

We'll notify you via email when an E-Verify case update requires action. Otherwise, RapidVerify automatically updates the employee's status in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Some action items that may require your attention include:

  • Photo Match: You'll need to compare the photo provided by the employee with the photo on file with E-Verify.
  • Document Upload: You'll need to upload the documents the employee gave you when completing the I-9 form.
  • Referral: You'll need to discuss with the employee to determine how they wish to proceed.

If no action is required from you, you will receive an email with the final results.

Below is an email candidates will receive when the webhook is triggered. If you would like to modify this, please reach out at support@rapidverify.io.

Removing the Integration

If you would like to remove the integration, click the red Uninstall button in RapidVerify. This will remove your Greenhouse Onboarding credentials from RapidVerify.

You will also want to delete the API Key under API Management in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Additional resources

For additional information or troubleshooting not covered here, reach out to support@rapidverify.io or visit the RapidVerify help center.