Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date by following our release notes or checking out the latest feature releases page.

Greenhouse Recruiting

Spring packaged release

Greenhouse launched its spring packaged release, dedicated to decreasing time to fill and streamlining the recruiting process.

You can read more about everything in the release in our blog post, or keep up with the latest feature releases on our website.

Texting, powered by Grayscale

Greenhouse's evolved integration with Grayscale seamlessly embeds 1:1 and bulk texting, along with automation capabilities, into Greenhouse Recruiting. Read more in our blog post.

Other changes

In addition to the packaged release, Greenhouse has released several smaller, but impactful changes across our product:

  • Created new setting to define the date/time format for the entire organization on the Configure page.
  • Greenhouse Sourcing Automation customers can now control their organization's use of AI tools from a new tab on the Configure page.
  • Added departments, offices, job post locations, EEOC status, and demographic questions to .csv exports of job posts.
  • Updated job setup so stages can be copied from closed and draft jobs.
  • Added option to make phone numbers, social media links, or resumes required when submitting referrals.
  • Updated CRM user permissions to allow more control over which Job Admins can view the CRM, create prospect pools and stages, and assign owners to prospects.
  • Updated GDPR consent emails to send automatically to candidates and prospects added through the Harvest API if your organization has chosen to send GDPR data consent emails to manually added candidates or prospects. 

Business Intelligence Connector

  • A new Business Intelligence Connector schema was released on April 12, 2024. Read more here


  • Candidate testing: Talent Titan integrates seamlessly with Greenhouse, automating the creation of JD-specific assessments to evaluate and shortlist candidates before the final interview.
  • Free job posts: X Hiring organic job posts allows you to post jobs for free on X.
  • HRIS and onboarding: ExponentHR builds a lasting relationship with a state-of-the-art system that makes your job easier, adds value to your company, and gives you the data you need to reach the pinnacle of your potential.
  • Job board: TeamWork Online's premium network and proactive data-driven recruiting tools help clients hire talent they couldn’t find anywhere else, candidates with function-specific skills, diverse backgrounds, and passion for the sports business.
  • Optimization: Paraform helps supercharge your hiring with the best startup recruiters and build your all-star team.
  • Optimization: Reczee Screeno allows recruitment teams to automatically screen and tag the candidates in the Greenhouse pipeline.
  • Optimization: Speak_ will automatically evaluate your entire pipeline to give recruiters and hiring teams precise signal on every candidate.
  • Optimization: Skyvia is a universal SaaS data platform for quick and easy solving a wide set of data-related tasks: data integration, automating workflows, cloud data backup, building reports and dashboards, CSV import/export, etc.
  • Optimization: ZYTHR is an analysis tool that provides a better, faster and fairer applicant review process.
  • Other integrations: RapidVerify for Greenhouse Onboarding ensures candidate authenticity, mitigates fraud risks, and streamlines your process with real-time ID checks and automated I-9 compliance. 

Bug fixes

  • Running a bulk action but selecting zero users no longer applies the action to all eligible users.
  • Fixed issue where the Job ID wasn't displaying in the right place when posting jobs on Indeed.
  • Fixed issue where candidtes could submit applications without answering required questions.
  • Updated the job post request email rules to no longer send emails when moving stages.
  • Fixed issue where the All Candidates page couldn't be filtered by specific dates.
  • Fixed issue where anonymized candidate diata still had the GDPR banner displayed.
  • Made update to remove scheduled emails when the candidate's data is anonymzied.
  • Fixed error message on interviews with no assigned interviewers.
  • Updated Harvest API to more reliably recreate jobs if the request initially fails.
  • Fixed timeout issues when calling demographic_answers, greenhouse_job_applications table through the API.
  • Fixed labeling issue when updating an offer with an out-of-range amount.
  • Improved loading times of My Dashboard.