Integration App is an IPaaS platform specializing in building embedded integrations with numerous SaaS Apps. Their AI-powered framework makes adding SaaS integrations into your product 10x faster.

Integration App’s integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows users to perform any actions allowed by Greenhouse Harvest API, create complex flows using actions, data transformation, custom API requests, and other features.

Create a Harvest API key for Integration App integration

To configure the Integration App integration, you’ll need to create a Harvest API key.

Follow the steps in this article to create the key, and verify that the permissions below are selected when configuring the Integration App integration.


In the Create New Credential box, make the following selections:

  • API Type: Harvest
  • Partner: Integration App or Unlisted Vendor
  • Description: Integration App Harvest API Key


Verify that the following permissions are selected for the Integration App integration:

  • Applications
    • Delete: Delete Application
    • Get: Retrieve Application
    • Get: List Applications
    • Patch: Update Application
    • Post: Advance Application
    • Post: Hire Application
    • Post: Move Application
    • Post: Reject Application
    • Post: Moves Application to Job
    • Post: Unreject Application
    • Post: Add Attachment to Application
    • Patch: Update a rejected application's rejection reason
    • Patch: Convert a prospect
  • Candidates
    • Delete: Delete Candidate
    • Get: Retrieve Candidate
    • Get: List Candidates
    • Patch: Edit Candidate
    • Post: Add Candidate
    • Post: Add Note
    • Post: Add E-mail
    • Post: Add Attachment
    • Post: Add Application
    • Post: Add Education
    • Delete: Delete Education
    • Post: Add Employment
    • Delete: Delete Employment
    • Post: Add Prospect
    • Put: Anonymize Candidate
    • Put: Merge two candidates
  • Tags
    • Delete: Remove tag from candidate
    • Get: List tags applied to candidate
    • Get: List Candidate Tags
    • Post: Add New Candidate Tags
    • Delete: Remove Candidate Tags
    • Put: Add a candidate tag
  • Users
    • Delete: Remove a job permission
    • Delete: Remove a future job permission
    • Get: Retrieve User
    • Get: List Users
    • Patch: Update a user
    • Get: List User Future Job Permissions
    • Get: List User Job Permissions
    • Get: List Pending Approvals
    • Patch: Enable User
    • Patch: Disable User
    • Put: Add a job permission
    • Put: Create a future job permission
    • Post: Add User
    • Post: Add User E-mail Address
    • Patch: Update User permission level
  • EEOC
    • Get: Retrieve EEOC Data for Application
    • Get: List EEOC
  • Scorecards
    • Get: Retrieve Application's Scorecard
    • Get: List Scorecards for Application
    • Get: Retrieve Scorecard
    • Get: List Scorecards
  • Offers
    • Get: List Application's Offers
    • Get: Retrieve Application's Current Offer
    • Get: Retrieve Offer
    • Get: List Offers
    • Patch: Update Application's Current Offer
  • Scheduled Interviews
    • Get: List Interviews for Application
    • Get: Retrieve Interview
    • Get: List Interviews
    • Delete: Delete a scheduled interview
    • Post: Create a scheduled interview
    • Patch: Update a scheduled interview
  • Activity Feed
    • Get: Retrieve Activity Feed
  • Departments
    • Get: Retrieve Department
    • Get: List Departments
    • Post: Create a new department
    • Patch: Update a department
  • Email Templates
    • Get: Retrieve Email Template
    • Get: List Email Templates
  • Custom Locations
    • Get: Retrieve Custom Location for Job Board
  • Jobs
    • Get: Retrieve Job
    • Get: List Jobs
    • Patch: Update Job
    • Post: Create a new job
    • Get: Get hiring team
    • Post: Add hiring team member
    • Delete: Remove hiring team member
    • Put: Replace hiring team
  • Job Posts
    • Get: List Job Posts
    • Get: Retrieve Job Post for Job
    • Get: List Job Posts for Job
    • Patch: Update job posts
  • Job Stages
    • Get: Retrieve Job Stage
    • Get: List Job Stages
    • Get: List Job Stages for Job
  • Job Openings
    • Get: List Openings For a Job
    • Post: Create openings
    • Patch: Edit openings
    • Delete: Delete openings
  • Offices
    • Get: Retrieve Office
    • Get: List Offices
    • Post: Create a new office
    • Patch: Update an office
  • Rejection Reasons
    • Get: List Rejection Reasons
  • Sources
    • Get: List Sources
  • User Roles
    • Get: List User Roles
  • Prospect Pool
    • Get: Retrieve Prospect Pool
    • Get: List Prospect Pools
  • Tracking Links
    • Get: Retrieve Job Tracking Link
  • Custom Fields
    • Get: Get custom fields
    • Post: Create custom field
    • Patch: Update custom field
    • Delete: Delete custom field
  • Custom Field Options
    • Get: Custom field options
    • Post: Create custom field options
    • Delete: Remove custom field options
    • Patch: Update custom field options
  • Close Reasons
    • Get: Get close reasons
  • Education
    • Get: Get degrees
    • Get: Get disciplines
    • Get: Get schools
  • Approvals
    • Get: List Approval Flows For Job
    • Put: Update an Approval Flow
    • Get: Get single approval flow
    • Post: Request approvals
    • Put: Replace an approver

There is a full list of permissions that Integration App integration can use. Feel free to choose only relevant permissions for your specific case.

Use the Integration App integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Integration App helps developers of SaaS applications build and test integration logic for their native integrations.

Developers need to do a couple of the following steps to Add integration with Greenhouse to their App:

  • Sign up for
  • Add Greenhouse connector.
  • Build and test their integration logic.
  • Add integration to their application.

Example of using Integration App integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Go to Apps page in Integration App and click Add Connectors from Store.

Search for Greenhouse Harvest. Select it from the list.

Click Add App.

Click on the new Greenhouse Harvest App.

Click Configure & Test.

Click Create Test Connection.

Paste your Harvest API key and click Connect.

Open the UI tab for instructions on how to connect the App button to the Harvest API.

Open the Actions page and click Create Action.

Click Create Universal Action. There is also an additional option to create Integration-specific Action.

Enter an Action name and click Create Action. A key will be generated automatically.

Find the action in the list and select it.

Click Greenhouse Harvest to test the Action.

Click Run button in Test Input section.

When the action is tested, logs of candidate records will display on the right side of the screen in the Output section.

Click on Add this action to your app to see code snippet

A Javascript code snippet will be displayed on the page.

Click Run Now to test the Action one more time

You can build more complex integrations with Greenhouse Harvest API using “Flows”

When adding or editing Greenhouse Recruiting data using the Harvest API, it is necessary to specify the user on whose behalf the write action will be performed.

Additional resources

For additional information or troubleshooting not covered here, reach out to