Send offers for e-Signature with Adobe Acrobat Sign

Permissions: Site Admins who can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approval, and approve job / offers, and Job Admin who can view and edit offers and approve / request approval on offers

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting uses e-Signatures with Adobe Acrobat Sign as the preferred method for sending offer documents to candidates. This integration grants organizations and users access to Adobe's comprehensive e-Signature functionality at no additional cost.

Using Adobe Sign to request e-Signatures lets recruiters manage the signature process (uploading, signing, and returning) without leaving Greenhouse Recruiting. As soon as a candidate completes their signature, the signed document is automatically updated in their profile.

Note: Only one e-signature integration can be used at a time. Enabling e-Signature means the other vendor will be deactivated.

Use the Adobe Sign integration

After creating an offer for the candidate on the candidate profile, click Send with Adobe Sign.

Choose the signer, cosigner, and any other details for the offer document. If you have offer email templates created, you can choose them here. Wait to upload the document until the next step.

In the Adobe window, upload your document and define the signers. When you're finished, click Preview & add fields.

In the Adobe window, click the Signature on the left panel and choose the locations in your offer document.

Adobe e-sign email tokens

When you're setting up an offer template, in addition to the general tokens available for offer templates, you can use the following tokens to add a signature space to documents sent with the E-signature with Adobe Acrobat Sign integration:


You can use this token for multiple signers by changing the number inside of the token. For example, {{SIG_ES_:SIGNER1:SIGNATURE}} is used for the first signer, while {{SIG_ES_:SIGNER2:SIGNATURE}} is used for the second signer.

A full list of available tokens is always available in-app when creating a new offer template.

Note: Existing signature tokens, including those specific to Docusign, will be shown as a blank space on any offer templates when added to Adobe Acrobat Sign.