Greenhouse Recruiting offers the ability to post free job advertisements on many job boards, including JobGet. These free ads can help expand your sourcing, allowing you to access more candidates at no additional cost to your organization.

Unlike posting to other job boards that are determined on a job post-by-job post basis, the JobGet integration is configured on the organization-level, meaning all of your live job posts will automatically sync to JobGet’s job board once enabled.

JobGet’s integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows your jobs to be matched with the fastest-growing app-first job-seeker community. Here are some of our features:

  • AI-Driven Skills Matching: Our AI matching technology surfaces jobs to the right job seekers in-app and throughout our extensive partner network.
  • Candidate Quality: Robust candidate profiles containing work experience, training, skills & endorsements enhances our AI matching technology and reduce mis-hires that cause employee turnovers.
  • Easy Apply: JobGet’s Easy Apply allows for screener questions to reduce friction with the application process, which significantly increases applicant conversions. Completed application data is seamlessly sent to Greenhouse Recruiting for your review.

Enable JobGet organic job posts

To enable JobGet organic job posts, click the Configure icon on your navigation bar, then click Job Boards & Posts on the left.

Click the Ellipsis icon beside your job board and select Edit Board Settings from the dropdown.

Scroll to Allow candidates to apply directly from JobGet and select Yes.

When you're finished, click Save.

Once enabled, all live job posts from the job board you selected will be sent to JobGet.

Note: Your job post must have a location selected under Job Setup > Job Posts, or the job post will not sync.

Candidates applying through these job posts will be added to Greenhouse Recruiting with JobGet as the source.

Note: Once a job post is published, Greenhouse Recruiting sends the job post information to JobGet within 3 – 4 hours. From there, it can take up to 48 hours for the data to be processed and the job post to appear on JobGet’s job board.

Edit or delete a job post on JobGet

To edit the content of a job post or remove it entirely from the JobGet job board, edit or delete the job post on Greenhouse Recruiting.

Your changes will sync with JobGet the next time JobGet receives updates from Greenhouse.

Additional resources

For additional information or troubleshooting not covered here, reach out to or