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Greenhouse Recruiting

Single purpose consent migration reminder

We've launched a new GDPR experience called single-purpose consent. If you've configured GDPR already, we recommend migrating to the new experience.


  • Candidate testing: Saville Assessment tools are built on extensive research into workplace performance and potential, facilitating better selection and development.
  • Job board: Arc is an AI-powered global talent marketplace that connects great remote engineers with companies worldwide.
  • Optimization: Paraform’s integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows companies looking to hire to seamlessly integrate Paraform into your existing candidate pipeline by automatically uploading new candidates from Paraform to your jobs on Greenhouse.
  • Optimization: Upwage screens applicants for any job instantly, saving high-volume recruiters and companies time and money. 

Bug fixes

  • Some users saw an error when trying to manage rules in CRM.
  • Offer packet notifications were occasionally being resent or showing an error in-app.