With this integration, users will be able to source, access, engage, and track candidates from Gloat.

Configuring the Integration 

  • Ask your Gloat account manager to activate Gloat-Greenhouse integration (you might need to provide her with your Greenhouse job IDs)
  • Click on the authorization link attached in the Gloat-Greenhouse integration email that was sent to you by your Gloat account manager.
  • Enter your Greenhouse account email address and click the “Next Step” button


  • Enter your Greenhouse account password and click the “Authorize” button:
  • (If you are already logged into Greenhouse you might see the “Authorize” button without the need to re-enter your password, in that case, just click “Authorize”.)
  • That’s it, your Gloat account is authorized by your Greenhouse account.  

Configuring the candidate merged webhook

  • Log into your Greenhouse account.
  • Click the “Configure” tab on your dashboard.
  • Click “Dev Center” on the left side column.
  • Click “Web Hooks” (the last option after clicking “Dev Center”) 

  • Click “Web Hooks” again
    1. Name this web hook “Gloat Candidate Merge”
    2. When (Select from dropdown menu) “Merged Candidate”
    3. Endpoint URL: Copy/Paste the URL emailed to you by your Gloat Account Manager
    4. It should look like: https://www.gloat.com/api/v1/integrations/greenhouse/candidate-merge/[companyName]
    1. Secret Key: Copy/Paste the secret key emailed to you by your Gloat Account Manager
    2. Error Recipient Email: backend+greenhouse@gloat.com
    3. Click “Create Web Hook”
    4. Verify: Disabled? No (This is the default)

Adding Candidates to Greenhouse

  • Gloat candidates will be automatically pushed to your Greenhouse account once they accept your company pickup actions.
  • Each candidate that is pushed to Greenhouse will be pushed to the specific job he was picked for. Data that will be included on such candidate:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Gloat user id
    • Title
    • Phone number (if exists)
    • Email address