Create multiple job posts for a single job


There are many reasons to create multiple simultaneous job posts for a single job. For instance, your organization may want to:

  • Advertise a single job in New York and San Francisco
  • Advertise a single job in English and French
  • Advertise a single job on two different job boards (Brand A vs. Brand B)
  • Advertise a single job with different titles (Senior Software Engineer vs. Full-Stack Engineer IV)

As the name suggests, the Multiple Job Posts per Job feature enables your organization to create any number of internal and external job posts for a single job.

To create multiple jobs posts per job, navigate to a job by clicking the All Jobs tab from the navigation bar and selecting a job from the subsequent list.


From the Job page, click Job Setup and navigate to Job Posts on the left-hand panel.


Navigate to the Job Posts panel and click Add Job Post. Alternatively, click the ellipsis and select Duplicate to easily create copies of other job posts.

Note: A single post can only be related to one job board at a time, but there is no limit to how many times a single job can be posted to a board (either internal or external).


From the subsequent page, edit the details of the job post and click Save. When finished, the new job post will appear in Job Posts panel. Toggle the Status button to Live.


Throughout the Greenhouse Recruiting application, be sure to select the correct job post for a job when performing any relevant action.