Built In integrates with Greenhouse Recruiting to automatically import your active roles and remove inactive roles on a daily basis.

Retrieve Greenhouse job board token

Navigate to the job board that you want to track and choose the ellipses icon on the right side of the page. (Configure Screenshot of the configure icon. icon Job Boards & Posts Ellipses Screenshot of the ellipsis icon. icon)

Choose Edit Board Settings from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot of the edit board settings button.

Navigate to the URL section of the page, and copy the information in the text field.

Screenshot of the job board url.

Create a custom source for Built In integration

Follow the steps in this article to create a custom source.

Use the values below to create the custom source:

  • Sourcing Strategy: Third-party boards
  • Name: Built In

Create a custom tracking link

Follow the steps in this article to create a tracking link.

Use the values below to create the tracking link:

  • Who gets credit: Keep the option set to Who gets credit
  • Select a source: Built In

Copy the link to send to the Built In team.

Finish configuration

After you've collected the information in the sections above, send your job board token, custom source, and custom tracking link to Build In to finish the setup.

Additional resources

If you need any additional help during setup, please reach out to your contact at Built In.