Job board URL for non-Greenhouse hosted job boards

Permissions: Basic and above who can manage job board-related API credentials

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting provides multiple ways to integrate your organization's job board (careers page) with Greenhouse Recruiting. These configurations include both Greenhouse-hosted and non-Greenhouse-hosted job boards.

In the case of non-Greenhouse-hosted job boards, organizations will need to provide an external job board URL so that Greenhouse can successfully link your organization's careers page to your Greenhouse account. The following job board integration types will need to provide a job board URL:

For an example of each job board integration, click here.

Add your job board URL

Find your job board on the Configuring Your Job Board page. (Configure icon Configure-icon.png > Dev Center > Configuring Your Job Board)

Find the Job Board URL section. Click the Edit icon edit.png, then enter your new URL.

Screenshot of the edit the jo board url section

When you finish, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of the custom css url section

The How to configure your job board panel will appear. To direct tracking links to your new URL, click Point tracking links to job board URL below.

Screenshot of the- point tracking links to job board url button

Note: You can always revert back to a Greenhouse-hosted URL by clicking Point tracking links to Greenhouse-hosted job board.

Screenshot of the point tracking links to greenhouse hosted job board button