Job board URL for non-Greenhouse hosted job boards


Greenhouse Recruiting provides multiple ways to integrate your organization's job board (careers page) with Greenhouse Recruiting. These configurations include both Greenhouse hosted and non-Greenhouse hosted job boards.

In the case of non-Greenhouse-hosted job boards, organizations will need to provide an external job board URL so that Greenhouse can successfully link your organization's careers page to your Greenhouse account. The following job board integration types will need to provide a job board URL:

For an example of each job board integration, please click here

To provide a job board URL, click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Dev Center on the left-hand panel.


From the Dev Center page, click Configuring Your Job Board.


Click the Edit icon edit.png next to Job Board URL and input your organization's careers page URL. When finished, click Save.


A new panel will indicate which Job Board URL is being used for this particular job board. Click Point tracking links to job board URL below to direct tracking links to your careers page.


Note: Your organization can always revert back to a Greenhouse hosted URL by clicking Point tracking links to Greenhouse hosted job board.

In addition to adding a Job Board URL, organizations who are using the following job board integration types should also plan to add Job Posts URL