Best practices for customizing the candidate survey email

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You can customize your candidate survey email to engage with candidates in a way that reflects your organization’s brand.

We've collected some best practices to help you collect meaningful data.

Tell candidates how their responses will be used

Candidates may be more likely to participate in a survey if they know how their responses will be used.

Be specific as possible about how you’ll use the survey data, and consider communicating how much you value the candidates’ opinion.

Example: “We want to know what you think! [Organization name] wants to ensure a positive experience for all candidates, and your survey responses could directly inform our hiring process.”

Confirm responses are confidential

Candidates are more likely to share honest feedback when they know their responses are confidential. Clearly state that their feedback will be kept anonymous and used exclusively for the purpose of improving the hiring process.

Example: “No personal information about you will be seen by [organization name] - all survey results are anonymized.”

Build trust by mentioning the survey during the hiring process

The more candidates trust your organization, the more candid and valuable their feedback is likely to be. By mentioning the survey during the hiring process, your organization can prepare candidates for the request, establish transparency, and set expectations.


During later stages of the hiring process, such as when scheduling final round interviews, consider adding a brief mention of the upcoming survey:

  • “We'll send you a candidate experience survey in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for that!”
  • “[Organization name] is interested in your experience - we’ll be sending a survey in the next few weeks. Please share your feedback, we want to hear from you!”

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