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Greenhouse Onboarding

Custom access to manage feedback

Owners in Greenhouse Onboarding can now assign users custom permissions to view and report on employee feedback.


  • Candidate background check: The RapidVerify integration facilitates a seamless identity verification process for candidates, ensuring a candidate's identity is accurately verified before joining your organization.
  • Candidate testing: The Zapilio integration allows you to seamlessly add Zapilio assessments to a job's interview plan so you can quickly sift through thousands of applicants to find the true standouts.
  • Job board: The Apideck integration enables developers to build integrations through a single API and launch integrations faster with a ready-to-use solution for easily requesting published job posts and applicant tracking information.
  • Optimization: The Syft integration parses your candidate applications and job descriptions to automatically rank for how well-suited a candidate is for a role, so you can hire faster with more confidence and reduce bias in the review process.

Bug fixes

  • Candidate self-schedule links were still accessible after an interview had been scheduled.
  • People were unable to filter using all custom field types on Report Builder.