With this integration, users will be able to source, access, engage, and track candidates from untapt. 

Configuring the Integration

Customers should begin by talking with their untapt account manager. Once this integration is enabled, each primary hiring manager in untapt who also has a Greenhouse account can authorize untapt to synchronize jobs with Greenhouse and send untapt candidates to Greenhouse.

To start, the primary hiring manager should log into untapt and go to their account page.  

Next, follow the steps below:

a. Click ‘Connect with Greenhouse’

 b. Enter your Greenhouse email address


 c. Enter your Greenhouse password


d. Once the connection is authorized, you will see the following screen in untapt:

e. For each untapt job, select the corresponding job in Greenhouse. Then, click Continue.

When the integration is complete, all untapt jobs will be mapped to their corresponding Greenhouse jobs. Any open candidate applications will be sent to Greenhouse.


Configuring Web Hooks

Four Web Hooks need to be added in Greenhouse to support the synchronization of applications in untapt.

Part 1

1. Ask a Site Admin with advanced permissions to log into Greenhouse.

2. Have them select Configure > Users > Your Name.

3. Under User-specific permissions, select Developer Permissions > Can manage and configure web hooks.

4. Repeat for anyone else who should have access.

Part 2

1. Now that you have the correct permissions, log into your Greenhouse account and select Configure > Dev Center > Web Hooks > Web Hooks.

These are the four Web Hooks to add for your untapt integration. They all use the same SECRET KEY. To obtain your SECRET KEY, please contact untapt. 


Web Hook Name

Endpoint URL

Candidate has submitted application

New application


Candidate has changed stage

Stage Change


Candidate or Prospect has been rejected



Candidate has been hired




Input the Endpoint URL and SECRET KEY from untapt and make sure that the Web Hook events match the four event types above. Then, click Create Web Hook.



Adding Candidates to Greenhouse

When a candidate applies to a role in untapt, their basic details and a PDF of their resume will be automatically sent to Greenhouse. Prospects will not be sent to Greenhouse, as submitted candidates will need to be tied to a specific job.

Normally, the pipeline in untapt will display the following columns, and candidates can be rejected or moved through the pipeline:

1. Applied
2. Connected
3. Interviewing
4. Offer
5. Hired

A Greenhouse-integrated pipeline will be changed as follows:

1. The pipeline view will more accurately reflect the status of each application in Greenhouse. These will either be "Active," "Rejected," or "Hired."

2. The pipeline will be Read Only. Status changes to applications in Greenhouse will be automatically synchronized to untapt via the Web Hooks configured above. 

3. untapt will display the candidate's stage in Greenhouse and a link to the candidate's Greenhouse profile.


Editing Jobs in untapt

untapt jobs will still need to be maintained so that they can be effectively marketed to candidates and continue to relay information about the role and your company.

Jobs created after this integration should be mapped to a job in Greenhouse. For example, the "VP of Engineering" job below should be mapped to a corresponding "VP of Engineering" position in Greenhouse.  This ensures that applicants to the role in untapt flow to the same role in Greenhouse.

The below dropdown menu will show all of the jobs that the manager is authorized to view in Greenhouse. Select the corresponding Greenhouse job from the dropdown to link these two jobs.