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How do I grant user permissions in bulk?

If you need to completely revamp your permissions and update many different users at once, you're in luck! Our newly-updated bulk user permission feature should save you tons of time and allow you to give all of your users the specific access they need quicker than ever!

To start, head to the Configure > Users page and select a particular group of users from the first dropdown. 

From there, select Bulk Actions > Select the relevant users > Edit Selected to open the new permissions modal. The options on this page will depend on which type of users you've selected, but you can add or remove Basic users, Interviewers, and Job Admins to various jobs, adjust the User-specific permissions for both Job and Site Admins, and even disable users all at once!

If you've checked the box for Never signed in only, you can also resend the invite email to many of your users at once. This is perfect for companies that prefer to add many users and configure their permissions without inviting them right away.