Permissions: Job Admin, who can add users to their assigned jobs, and Site Admins

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting allows your organization to assign job-based permissions to multiple users at the same time. 

Note: We're making some improvements to bulk assigning job-based permissions, and rolling them out to organizations soon. The information in this article covers new functionality and may not match organizations using the older version. 

Assign job-based permissions in bulk

Click the Configure icon Configure.png in the upper right corner and select Users on the left panel.


Use the filters at the top of the page to narrow down your list of users.


Click the Bulk Actions button. 


Select the users you wish to edit by selecting the checkboxes in the left column. You can click Select All to check all the boxes. 


Note: You can quickly locate users by selecting Quick Select and locating the users by name or email address. You can also paste a list of users in this field if each email address or name is separated by a comma.


When all the users are selected, click Edit Selected


Click Add and remove permissions per job.


A table will display each open job associated with the users on the list. Select the correct permission for each job from the dropdown menu.  


Note: Job-based permissions cannot be added to or removed from Site Admins. If you selected Site Admin users in the previous step, those users will be skipped during the bulk update and no changes will be made to their user permissions. 

When you're finished, click Save

If you selected Notify user of new permission via email, those users be alerted to the permission update.

Note: You can update the permission level for all listed jobs by selecting an option from the Mark all as dropdown menu. 


To filter the jobs displayed on the table, click Filter


Assign new permissions for more than 30 users

If you attempt to add or remove job-based user permissions for 30 or more users at a time, you will need to complete an extra confirmation prompt before the changes can be completed. To confirm these changes, type the phrase into the text field and click Save. 

Bulk assignment rules

Based on whether you have Job Admin or Site Admin permissions, specific users may be excluded from any bulk updates. 

Job Admin

If the assigner in the bulk action is a user with Job Admin level permissions, they can:

  • Only assign users to a job where the assigner has Job Admin level permissions
  • Only assign users to a permissions level that does not exceed that of the assigner

Site Admin 

If the assigner in the bulk action is a user with Site Admin level permissions, they can:

  • Assign users to any job within the organization
  • Assign users to the permission level used to filter them into a list