How do I generate offers in bulk?

One drag of hiring tons of great candidates is that you have to manually generate offers over and over again...but not anymore. Site Admins with the added permission to see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers can now select many candidates at once and generate an identical offer for each one, which should be especially helpful for any companies who hire seasonally or on contract for a specific role. 

To start, head to the Candidates tab and filter by Candidates Only. From there, select Bulk Actions, choose your candidates or Select All, and press Edit Selected. Candidates are able to be in any stage and on different jobs, although you could also filter down further to only generate offers for one position at a time. 

On the resulting Bulk Actions modal, you'll be able to select the all-new Create Offers button at the very bottom.


Clicking it will bring up a superset of all the custom offer fields any of the jobs in question. If there are any office-specific fields that only appears on some of the candidates' offers, they will be noted with a dagger symbol (†).

After clicking Create Offer, all of the offers will be generated in the background after a short delay. If any of the candidates you chose already had an offer generated, it will be replaced by this new version instead. From there, you can head to each candidate's individual Private tab to request approval, generate their offer documents, or mark them as Accepted!

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