Note: This functionality is not available for organizations who have enabled the specify opening when making an offer feature on their account.

Organizations who hire seasonally or on contract for specific roles can find it tiresome to manually generate each offer. Greenhouse Recruiting's bulk offer feature allows your organization to select multiple candidates at once and generate identical offers for each individual candidate.

To create offers in bulk, click All Candidates on the navigation bar and expand the Application Type filter panel on the left panel.


From the Application Type filter panel, use the Type dropdown menu to select Candidates only.



Apply any additional filters to the list of candidates and click Bulk Actions.


Select all candidates to be included in the bulk action by clicking the checkbox to the left of the candidate's name. Click Edit Selected (#) when finished. 


From the bulk actions dialog box, click Create Offer. 


In the subsequent dialog box, enter information into a superset of all custom offer fields associated with the job(s). If there are any office-specific fields that only appears on some of the candidates' offers, they are noted with a dagger symbol (†).

When finished, click Create Offers.


All of the offers are generated in the background after a short delay. If any of the candidates you chose already had an offer generated, that offer is replaced by this new version instead.