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What does the Mark As Spam button do?

Job hunting is tough, but some candidates go to extremes when courting a potential employer. Whether it's applying to every job on your website, putting in identical applications day after day, or resurfacing after a nightmarish interview process, some candidates deserve to be blacklisted from your organization.

Luckily, you can mark them as spam! While in application Review, click the Mark as Spam button to reject them and automatically list the rejection reason to Spam. If they try to apply again, their application will be automatically rejected, freeing you up to deal with higher-quality candidates. This button only appears in app review, but you can mark anyone's rejection reason as Spam to get the same effect!

If you decide you don't want them to be blocked in the future, just return to their profile and change their rejection reason to anything else to allow them to apply again!



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