Scheduling with Outlook


Note: Some organizations have been updated to a new version of the scheduling process. If the steps in this article do not align with the workflow you see after clicking Schedule Interview or Schedule All on the candidate's profile page, please click here to view the updated process. 

To schedule with Outlook, navigate to the candidate's profile and click Schedule Interview next to the appropriate interview. 


Expand the Settings menu and ensure Outlook is the selected calendar. If another calendar (or no calendar) is selected, click the dropdown and select Outlook


Enter your interview information, including the date, time, interviewers, etc. Once all information has been added, click Download .ics File at the bottom of the page. 


The calendar file will be downloaded to your computer and can be opened in Outlook. When viewed in Outlook, the event's guest list will include the interviewers you added, as well as the Greenhouse Recruiting calendar email address.

Note: Be sure not to remove the Greenhouse Recruiting calendar email address from the event. If this email address is removed from the guest list, Greenhouse Recruiting will not receive information about the event, and the interview will not appear on the candidate's profile. 

Make any necessary adjustments to the event in Outlook, and then click Send to send the invitation to all interviewers, as well as the Greenhouse Recruiting calendar. 

If you need to make updates to the event later, navigate to the event in your Outlook calendar, enter your changes, and then click Send updates to all. Sending the updates to all guests ensures the Greenhouse Recruiting calendar receives the changes so they can be synced to the candidate's profile.