How do I change the picture and description that appear when I post jobs to Facebook and LinkedIn?

Using LinkedIn and Facebook to promote your jobs is a great way to mine your social circles for hidden talent, but sometimes the posts don't look quite the way you want them. Luckily, anyone hosting job descriptions on their own site can configure things to look great!

Facebook and LinkedIn use something called the Open Graph Protocol to determine what content gets pulled when a link is posted. There are lots of optional ones, but the areas you will likely care about are:

  • og:type - website
  • og:title - Come work at Greenhouse!
  • og:description - "At Greenhouse, we love hiring so much..."
  • og:image 
  • og:url 

By configuring this metadata in the head of the page that hosts your job board, you can determine what gets pulled in. If these values are missing, social media sites will simply use the title of the page and the first image it comes across, regardless of quality. If you have any issues with Facebook, you might want to check these two pages that offer help on how to set things up.

For companies who don't host their job descriptions on their own sites, the options are more limited. The company logo that you upload from the Configure > Job Board > Edit Job Board page is the logo that will be used when you share jobs on Facebook and LinkedIn. This article goes over in great detail about the optimal image sizes for different Social Media including Facebook and LinkedIn. For this logo file, the best image size that will work with both Facebook and LinkedIn would be 1024 x 512 pixel image. 

Please note: LinkedIn caches the photo and description previews, so even if you make a change, it may not appear until 7 days after the link was originally posted. After this time, LinkedIn will check the page again and pull over any new information. 

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    Marlou de Jong

    'By configuring this metadata in the head of the page that hosts your job board, you can determine what gets pulled in.' How would I do this :S?

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    Jeffrey Swartwout

    Hi Marlou,

    I see you also sent a ticket in to support for this question! We'll respond through email, thanks for writing in!


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    Eric Samuel

    This article does not answer the question posed in the headline. How do we actually edit what og:image is served by Greenhouse?

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    Max Zimmermann

    Hi Eric,

    The logo for the job board that the job post is coming from is where the image that is tied to these tags is located.
    So with the appropriate permissions you can navigate to Configure>Job Board> and click the Edit link to the right of the job board you wish to alter and find the "Logo" field below the "Description" text box and above the "Logo Link".
    Then choose an image file to upload, we recommend following something that fits the dimensions listed in the article.


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    Eric Samuel

    Changing the "Logo" affects the header image on the job page, but not the og:image. So it is the exact opposite of what we want. We want the header image to remain unchanged and update the og:image to the proper image size (leaving off part of our logo by design).

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    Max Zimmermann

    Hey Eric,

    So in cases where you want to have a different image for the open graph protocol to use you would want to host your own job board's website and either use our job board API and/or embed with an iframe. This will allow you to edit the section of your HTML and edit the tag with the property og:image so that the "content" attribute would equal a url to your alternate image.
    This is what Murph was alluding to when he mentioned "Luckily, anyone hosting job descriptions on their own site can configure things to look great!"
    If you use a Greenhouse hosted job board that content attribute is now the url to the image in the job board logo at the original size it was uploaded, and the one displayed on the job board site is a height constrained version of that same file.
    Hope this helps clear up some confusion about open graph protocol and Greenhouse job boards. Let us know if there is anything we can assist with on this.


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    Julia Beebe

    Can you just include the exact markup with the sections to edit? It seems over complicated to send us to another link and have to try to figure out what is relevant to our job pages...

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    Jess Bertubin

    Hi Julia,

    Thanks for writing in!

    It sounds like you're referring to the links to Facebook's developers resources. These resources are owned by Facebook and since they may change at any time, we recommend navigating to those pages to ensure that you are referencing the most up to date information.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out to if you have further questions.


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    Lesley Merz

    It seems Greenhouse has limited the size of the logo to 75px high. When I try to add an image with the specs above, it shrinks the image to 105 x 75px.

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    Olivia Hirsch

    Hi Lesley,

    Thanks for writing in! I am going to follow up via email with you to learn more about the issue you are seeing! Look forward to connecting to help solve this issue!

    Thank you,

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    Jidapha Yiamsawas

    I have resized logo to fit in the intersection between them. It's working now for the new post. How about the old post the picture still not in scale for LinkedIn?

  • Avatar
    Liz O'Donnell

    Is this article still current? The LinkedIn resize appears to be rectangular, not square