Change the picture and description for jobs posted to social media

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Greenhouse Recruiting uses some basic values to give your job post a consistent and professional appearance when it's posted to social media

However, if you want more control over how the post previews appear on your page, follow the steps in this article.

Open Graph Protocol

Social networking sites like LinkedIn use something called the Open Graph Protocol to determine what content is used when a link is posted. While there are many different available options, here are five items that are relevant for job posts.

  • og:type - website
  • og:title - The title used website preview
  • og:description - The description used in the website preview
  • og:image - The image used in the job post
  • og:url - The job post's URL

Controlling job post appearance through page headers

To control the metadata outlined above, you'll need to add or edit the tags located within the <head> section of your the page hosting your job board. Then, when a social media site references your job post to generate a preview, it can pull in your defined values.

Note: To update these values, you'll probably need to work with the development team that created your job board. If you use a Greenhouse-hosted job board integration option, you won't be able to update these values. 

If any values are missing when the social media site tries to generate the preview, the site will use the title of the page and the first image it comes across, regardless of quality.

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting cannot post job ads on behalf of users on Facebook.

Updating your company logo in Greenhouse Recruiting

Even if you don't have access to a developer or use a Greenhouse-hosted job board integration, you can still update your company logo and job board description to affect the appearance of your job posts.

To update your company logo, navigate to the job board and upload a new logo. (Configure Configure icon Job Boards & Posts  Edit Board Settings upload logo) 

Tip: Accepted file types include .jpg, .png, and .gif.

Screenshot of the job board logo.

Note: To ensure the quality of your logo image, it's best to use a high-resolution image with a transparent background. You can use an image editing tool like Imgur or Canva to create or edit your logo. 

Visit this resource for recommended image sizes to use in Greenhouse Recruiting. 

Note: LinkedIn caches the photo and description previews, so even if you make a change, it may not appear until 7 days after the link was originally posted. After this time, LinkedIn will check the page again and pull over any new information. For specific LinkedIn recommendations, click here.