Change the Picture and Description For Jobs Posted to Social Media


Using social media to promote your jobs is a great way to mine your social circles for hidden talent, but sometimes the posts do not look quite the way you want them. Luckily, anyone hosting job descriptions on their own site can configure things to look great!

Social networking sites like LinkedIn use something called the Open Graph Protocol to determine what content is pulled when a link is posted. There are lots of optional ones, but the areas you will likely care about are:

  • og:type - website
  • og:title - Come work at Greenhouse!
  • og:description - "At Greenhouse, we love hiring so much..."
  • og:image 
  • og:url 

By configuring this metadata in the head of the page that hosts your job board, you can determine what information gets pulled in. If these values are missing, social media sites will simply use the title of the page and the first image it comes across, regardless of quality.

Note: There is no current way for Greenhouse Recruiting to post job ads on behalf of users to Facebook.

For companies who do not host their job descriptions on their own sites, the options are more limited. The company logo that you upload from the configure.png > Job Board > Edit Job Board page is the logo that will be used when you share jobs on social networks like LinkedIn. 

This article goes over in great detail about the optimal image sizes for different Social Media sites. Additionally, click here for specific recommendations for posting to LinkedIn.

Note: LinkedIn caches the photo and description previews, so even if you make a change, it may not appear until 7 days after the link was originally posted. After this time, LinkedIn will check the page again and pull over any new information.