Does Greenhouse scan resumes and other attachments for viruses?

YES! Any attachments making their way into Greenhouse will now be scanned to ensure sinister cover letters and insidious writing samples don't slow down your recruiting efforts!

In most cases, you'll never see the virus scanner, but rest assured it'll be doing its dirty work in the background (like Batman). If you get notifications about new candidates applying to your jobs, Greenhouse will automatically remove any questionable attachments before sending those emails to you. Files entering Greenhouse will quickly be scanned for anything malicious, but if you somehow click fast enough, you might see a message like this. We recommend that you never open a file until it's done scanning — don't worry, it's speedy. 

In a vast majority of cases, you'll be able to download like file like normal once scanning is complete...but if Greenhouse does detect a virus, you'll see a message like this instead. 

Note: The virus scanner won't be able to scan files larger than 50MB, so candidates are unable to submit anything larger than this. However, your users are able to upload files beyond that size limit directly onto a candidate's Details tab.

We definitely recommend that you never open a file if you see this message. Additionally, Greenhouse will warn you about any malicious files if you try to Email the team about [Candidate] so you don't inadvertently infect any of your colleagues!