Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) report


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) questionnaire is a set of federally-approved questions about race, gender, veteran status, and disability status. Greenhouse Recruiting's EEOC report allows your organization to view an anonymized report of this data to see how many total and hired candidates fall into each category.

To navigate to the EEOC report, click the ellipsis on your navigation bar and select Reports from the dropdown menu.


From the Reports page, navigate to the Run Your Own Analysis section and click EEOC.


The EEOC report will populate anonymized data for all jobs where you have appropriate permissions. Applicant responses to EEOC questions will never be tied directly back to individual applicants.


When you filter the EEOC Report by Stage, the report will display all applicants who are currently in the current stage. Since this filter is only evaluating up until a particular stage and no further, the Hired column will always return a 0-value for all demographics. 


Additionally, you can filter the EEOC report by Rejection Reason. When filtered by rejection reason, the report will display the demographics for candidates who were rejected by a particular rejection reason. Like the Stage filter, the Hired column will return a 0-value for all demographics when filtered by rejection reason. 


Use the Date Applied dropdown menu to limit the timeframe of the report. By default, the Date Applied filter is set to Current Year.


Change the jobs being tracked in your report by clicking Change Filter. From the Filter Jobs dialog box, you can search and apply multiple filters to find jobs you would like to report on. When you have chosen all the jobs you would like to report on, click Save.


When finished applying filters, click Apply to repopulate the report.