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What is the Time to Hire per Job report? How do I use it?

Timing is everything, doubly so when it comes to Hiring. You don't want to wait until you're drowning in work before looking for your next great employee, but bringing someone on and having them twiddling their thumbs is a terrible experience too! Luckily, you can use the Time to Hire per Job report to forecast how long it will take to find just the right person to hit your workload sweet spot!

A blank cell in the Job or Status columns means that information is the same as the cells above it. In the image below, both John Offer Letter and Ryan Glenn are hired candidates on the General Manager job. 

If you need to change the Offer Date, Accepted Date, or Start Date, you can do that from the candidate's Private Tab. To change the Open Date, head over to the Job Setup->Job Info page.

Rather than clicking the Open Date near the top (which shows you when the whole job was opened), you can get much more specific and helpful information by clicking See Details next to No. of Openings. This button allows you to change the unique Open Date for each opening associated with the job, which is the real date that's used in this report.

How can this report be filtered?

The Time to Hire report can only be filtered by Job. You can also click the blue links in certain column to see the candidates and jobs associated with each field.