Following a job enables users to quickly filter and access the jobs they care about. In this article, we will cover:

Note: Following a job does not create any user alerts. If you are interested in email alerts for a job, please click here.


Follow Job 

To follow a job, click the All Jobs tab from your navigation bar. Hover over the job you want to follow from the subsequent list until Follow appears. Click Follow.


Once you are following a job clicked, a checkmark icon Screen_Shot_2018-10-11_at_4.34.30_PM.png displays, indicating you are following the job.


To unfollow a job, navigate back to the job on the All Jobs page and click the checkmark icon Screen_Shot_2018-10-11_at_4.34.30_PM.png.


Jobs I'm Following widget

The Jobs I'm Following widget is an optional personalized panel you can add to your My Dashboard page to quickly access jobs you are following.

By default, the Jobs I'm Following widget is not visible on your My Dashboard page. To add the widget, click Personalize Dashboard panel on the left-hand side of the My Dashboard page.


From the Personalize Dashboard page, navigate to the Hide from Main View section and click the icon inline with Jobs I'm Following


Jobs I'm Following is added to the bottom of the Show in Main View section. If desired, drag and drop the Jobs I'm Following bar to change its location on your My Dashboard page. Click Save when finished.


Back on the My Dashboard page, the Jobs I'm Following widget displays the first three jobs you are following in alphabetical order.

Note: The Candidates column of the Jobs I'm Following widget represents the total number of candidates currently in the job's pipeline. The New column represents the total number of candidates added to the job since Monday of the current week.

Click View All to see a comprehensive auto-filtered list of all the jobs you are following.



Filter All Jobs page by followed jobs 

To manually filter by all the jobs you are following, click the All Jobs tab from your navigation bar and expand the Filter panel. From the filter panel, click Show only jobs I'm following.


All jobs that you are currently following are populated in the jobs list.