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How do I edit multiple job posts at once?

Tired of clicking into every job to toggle on EEOC data, adjust a custom question, or change the "Thanks for Applying" message? Us too! Site Admins can now edit multiple job posts at once to save you the headache of opening up every single one!

To bulk start, head to your All Jobs dashboard, click the Filter button, then select Bulk Actions.




Select the jobs you want to edit, then click Edit Selected -> Edit External Job Posts


The next page will show you all the basic information, custom questions, settings, and free job board information from every job post you've selected. The numbers in each box shows how many of the selected jobs include that information now, and hovering over the numbers will list the jobs. Clicking the ellipses (...) button allows you to change the setting across all the jobs at once.


Notice that you can add a new custom question or adjust which questions should appear for all your jobs.

Make your changes, click Save, and let Greenhouse make the changes in the background! 

NOTE: Auto-tagging can't be adjusted in bulk, so you'll need to select a job and choose Job Setup -> Job Post to set up the auto-tagging rules for each open job.


NOTE: Only Site Admins with the special "Can bulk edit jobs" permission can make changes to multiple job posts at once, so if you don't see the Bulk Actions button, check with a Site Admin at your company who has the ability to edit advanced permissions for other users.