Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Referrals are consistently the best source for talent leads. Generally, referrals cost less to hire, perform better in the roles, and stay longer than external candidates. Companies that garner more referrals consistently hire better talent and out-perform their competition.

This report equips your organization with the data necessary to make actionable changes to how you prioritize referrals.

Unlike the candidate quality by referrer report, which shows all candidates arranged by the user listed in the Who Gets Credit field, the referrals over time report will display all candidates whose source is Referral.

Generate the referrals over time report

Navigate to the Reports page and select the report from the Manage Expectations with Hiring Managers section. (Reports > Essential Reports Referrals Over Time)


The referrals over time report will generate.

Note: The referrals over time report will populate the number of referrals submitted for every job where you have Job Admin or higher permissions.

Referrals over time report filters

Select Filters and more to adjust the referrals over time report filters.


The report can be filtered by Job, Referrer, or Department. Filter your report by any of these criteria by using the Rows dropdown menu.


Use the Columns dropdown menu to change the periodization of the report to understand recent and historical hiring trends.

Additionally, you can use the Date Applied dropdown menu to delimit the date range scope of the report.

By default, the Date Applied for the report is set to Current Year and will display the most 8 recent weeks for all jobs included in the report.

Note: If there are not yet 12 weeks in the current year, the report will default to the last 12 weeks of the previous year. Additionally, the report can display a maximum of 12 columns regardless of the periodization and/or date range selected.

You can change the jobs being tracked in your report by clicking Change Filter. When you have chosen all the jobs you would like to report on, click Save.


When finished applying filters, click Apply to repopulate the report.

Referrals over time visualization

The referrals over time report will visualize the Total row values as a single line with the number of referrals displayed on the y-axis and the periodization (Columns) on the x-axis.

Note: The referrals over time report does not support individual trend lines per row.


Hover over any data point in the visualization for an exact number of referrals made for that period.


Since the visualization displays data for the Total row in your report, any changes made to your report via Filters and more will impact the visualization.