The All Jobs Summary report provides an overview of all jobs in your organization where you have appropriate permissions.

There's not much data to slice and dice here, but it's a great way to get a high-level view of your company's current hiring priorities.

At a glance, this report will tell you when jobs were opened and closed, who is responsible for each part of the hiring process, and the number of candidates (old, new, and hired) on each job. If you've added any custom job fields on the Configure->Custom Options->Jobs page, you'll see them as extra columns on the right side of this report as well. Since this report has so much data, you can export to excel to slice and dice all sorts of interesting information.


How can this report be filtered?

The All Jobs Summary can be filtered by Department and Office (located right next to your company name), as well as Job

Note: By default, the Open Date for the report is set to Current Year.