With the Follow Candidate or Prospect feature, a user can elect to receive email notifications every time a specific candidate or prospect is moved to a new stage or rejected from a job. Users who follow a candidate or prospect will also receive email notifications if they are transferred to a job where the user has permissions. In this article, we will cover how to:

Note: To deactivate the ability for users to follow candidates/prospects, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Follow a Candidate or Prospect 

To follow a candidate or prospect, navigate to their profile in Greenhouse (either by finding them on the All Candidates list or the Job > Candidates tab)


From the candidate's or prospect's profile, click Follow.


Once clicked, a green checkmark followed by the word Following will appear and indicate that the user is following the candidate or prospect.


The candidate or prospect is now followed and the user will receive an email notification when the candidate or prospect is moved to a new stage, rejected from the job, or moved to a job where the user has permissions. The user will receive an email indicating these changes, for example:


Note: For privacy reasons, Greenhouse Recruiting will not send a notification to followers when the candidate is moved to the Offer Stage or is marked as Hired.


Unfollow a Candidate or Prospect

To unfollow a candidate or prospect, and no longer receive email notifications about their progress, navigate to a candidate's or prospect's profile. From the candidate's or prospect's profile, navigate to Screen_Shot_2018-10-15_at_1.09.17_PM.png until Unfollow appears.

Click Unfollow.



Filter by Followed Candidates or Prospects 

To quickly view a list of all candidates and/or prospects being followed, navigate to the People I'm Following panel on the My Dashboard page.

For a complete list of all candidates and prospects being followed, click the header to expand the results.


The user will be directed to the All Candidates search page, filtered by the candidates and prospects currently being followed. Use the provided filter panel to apply any additional criteria to the populated list.