Match Existing Candidates in Greenhouse with LinkedIn Profiles

In order to match existing candidates in Greenhouse with their LinkedIn Profiles, you will first need to have LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect set up for your organization and your user account connected to LinkedIn Recruiter. Visit LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect Set-Up to get started.

With your user account connected to LinkedIn Recruiter, navigate to an individual candidate profile from your dashboard by clicking on the Candidates tab and the name of a candidate. 

From the Candidate's profile page, click on the LinkedIn tab. A list should be appear of potential LinkedIn Profile matches for the candidate. After confirming a match, click on Screen_Shot_2017-12-12_at_12.46.45_PM.png.



Not the Right Profile: Correcting Displayed LinkedIn Profile

If you have accidentally matched the wrong profile, simply click Not the right profile? as seen below, and you'll be able to view the list again and select a different match.


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    Sverre Stornes

    is this option stil valid?

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    Hi Sverre,

    Yes, this functionality still exists within the integration. Are you having problems with it? If so, please let us know at so we can get things working for you!