Guide for agency recruiters


Using the Greenhouse Agency Portal, agency recruiters can submit candidates, view information about the current and next stage of a candidate (this is configurable), and receive feedback about their submissions. In this article, we will cover how to:

We have also included a downloadable PDF version of the Agency Portal Guide. 


Access the Agency Portal

After the client invites someone to be an agency recruiter, an email will be sent to the agency recruiter's email address. The email will contain a hyperlink that the agency recruiter can use to gain access to the Greenhouse Agency portal.


Create a password, confirm that password, and click Register when finished.



Navigate the Agency Portal

Once agency recruiters access the Agency Portal, they will be able to see their clients, jobs, candidates they have submitted, change settings, and submit candidates.  

Note: Agency recruiters are not notified when they are assigned to a job.



From the clients tab, you can get a quick overview of your candidate submissions across different clients. Click the name of any client to access the Jobs and Candidates tab.



Note: You must select a specific client before the Jobs tab will appear.

From the Jobs tab, you can view the list of jobs that have been assigned to you by the client. Use the available drop-down menus to filter by the status of the job or to switch clients. A description of the job will appear if you click on the name of an individual job.



Note: You must select a specific client before the Candidates tab will appear.

The Candidates tab will let you keep track of candidates you've submitted to clients. From here, you can:

  • Sort by Candidate name or job name
  • Filter by client, job, or status
  • View status (Active, Hired, Rejected)
  • View client feedback for rejected candidates 
  • Add a note that will be sent to the client


Agency recruiters always will see if a submitted candidate's status is ActiveRejected, or Hired.


Clients optionally can allow agencies to view the following additional information:

  • A submitted candidate's current stage in an interview process, and/or
  • The next scheduled interview for a submitted candidate

If the information noted above is not visible to you, the client has not elected to share this information with agencies. 



From here, you can:

  • Update your contact information
  • Configure email settings, such as notifications when candidates have been hired or rejected
  • Update your password


When you have finished making changes to your settings, click Save.


Submit Candidates

To submit a new candidate, simply click the Submit Candidate button.


From the submission page, select the client that will receive the candidate submission.


Select the job within the client's organization.


Complete the fields on the form or drag/upload the resume to the parsing area. When your finished, click Submit Candidate


There are many fields on the submission form that you can fill out, including:

  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • Current Company
  • Current Title
  • Notes
  • Private Notes (used for confidential information, like current or desired salary)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Social Media Links
  • Websites
  • Address
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter


Add Notes

Once a candidate is submitted to a client, you cannot make any changes. You can, however, click Add a Note to send additional information to the client.


Agency-Portal-Guide.pdf (3 MB)