Permissions: Agency recruiters invited to submit candidates to an organization's jobs

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Agency recruiters can submit candidates, view a candidate's stage information, and receive feedback about their submissions in Agencies.

To access Agencies, an organization must first invite you to submit candidates for their jobs.

Access Agencies

After an organization invites you to share candidates as an agency recruiter, you'll receive the following email in your inbox. Click the link in your email to get started.

Email from Greenhouse when an organization invites someone to be an agency recruiter for their jobs

On your first login, you'll be asked to fill out your name and create a new password.

Enter and confirm your password, then click Register.

First login for newly invited agency recruiter with email and name fields filled out

You'll automatically be taken to the Agencies dashboard. 

Agencies dashboard after first login for agency recruiter

Navigate your Agencies dashboard

Select Clients from your dashboard navigation bar.

You'll see a list of organizations that have invited you to submit candidates for their open jobs.

Agencies dashboard with Clients tab open and client organization listed and highlighted

Each listed organization will include the number of open jobs for which you've been invited to submit candidates and a breakdown of how your existing candidates are performing.

View your assigned jobs

Click on an organization's name to see more details about your client's jobs and the candidates you've submitted for this client.

Agencies dashboard with Clients tab opened and client organization name highlighted to click

Next, navigate to the Jobs tab to see a list of this client's open jobs.

Jobs tab for client organization highlighted and opened in Agencies

Click on any job title to see the job description provided by your client.

Jobs tab in Agencies with job clicked on and description window opened

You can also click any number under SubmittedActive, or Hired to see a list of the candidates you've submitted with that status.

Jobs tab in Agencies with Submitted Active and Hired columns highlighted

Check candidate statuses

Navigate to the Candidates tab to see a list of the candidates submitted to this client.

Each listed candidate will include details about the job they've been submitted for and the candidate's current status.

Candidates tab for client organization opened and highlighted in Agencies

Use the filters to the left of your candidate list to sort candidates alphabetically or search candidates by job, status, or client.

Candidates tab for client organization opened in Agencies with search and filters highlighted

Add a note

Click Add a note next to any candidate to provide additional details about this candidate to your client.

Mark the Private note checkbox to save a private note that won't be visible to clients.

Note: Candidates won't be able to view your notes.

Candidates tab in Agencies with Add a note window opened and highlighted

Update your account settings

Navigate to Settings from your dashboard navigation bar to modify your Agencies account details, set your email preferences, or create a new account password.

Click Save to confirm changes to your account settings.

Settings page displayed in Agencies

Submit candidates

You'll receive an email each time a client adds you as the agency recruiter to an open job. This lets you know that your client is ready for you to begin submitting job candidates.

From your Agencies dashboard, click Submit candidate.

Agencies dashboard with Submit candidate button highlighted

Under Job, use the dropdown menus to select your client and the open job for your submitted candidate.

Candidate submission page in Agencies with Job fields filled out and highlighted

You can fill out your candidate's information manually or import your candidate's resume to automatically parse their details.

Candidate submission page with resume parser option highlighted

When you're finished, click Submit candidate.

Note: You can't change a candidate's details after submitting their profile to your client. However, you can add a note for any candidate in the Candidates tab to provide additional details to your client.

Add a note button highlighted for a candidate submitted by an agency recruiter on the Candidates tab in Agency portal