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Who can see files that are attached to a candidate's profile page?

Users with Site Admin, Job Admin, and Interviewer permissions all have the ability to access the Details tab on a candidate's profile page.  From there, visibility of individual file attachments in the Resume and Attachments section depends on the type of file, the visibility setting of the file, and the user's permissions. See the table below:

  Site Admin or Job Admin (with advanced privacy permission*) Site Admin or Job Admin (no advanced privacy permission*) Interviewer
Resume Yes Yes Yes
Cover Letter Yes Yes Yes
Take Home Test Yes Yes Yes
Offer Packet Yes No No
Offer Letter Yes No No
Signed Offer Letter** Yes No No
Document (default setting - "Admin Only") Yes Yes No
Document - Set as Private Yes No No
Document - Set as Public Yes Yes Yes

 *Advanced privacy permission = "Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers"

**Signed Offer Letters are the end result of using the DocuSign integration. Click here to learn more.