Configure default interviewer for specific interview

Permissions: Site Admin, and Job Admin who can edit interview plans

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

If your organization plans to assign a particular interview to the same users for the duration of a job search, you can configure those users as a default interviewer so they are automatically added as interviewers when a candidate interview is scheduled.

Click All Jobs from your navigation bar and select a job from the list.


Click Job Setup on the left panel.


Select Interview Plan.


Find the interview you want to modify, and click the Edit icon.


Scroll down to the Interviewers panel and select users from the Set default interviewers dropdown field.


Note: The Default Interviewers section will not display if you did not select the Needs Scheduling checkbox when configuring the interview. To assign default interviews, modify the stage, mark the interview as Needs Scheduling, and click Save. You'll then be able to configure default interviewers using the steps above.

When you're finished, click Save

Now, when scheduling this particular interview, the Interviewers field will automatically be filled with the assigned users.