Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

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Enable email notifications

To enable or edit email notifications to Greenhouse Recruiting users, begin by clicking the Configure  icon Configure.png in the top-right corner. On the subsequent page, click Notifications in the panel on the left. 


From the Notifications page, select the Set notification by radio icon next to either Job or User, then follow the applicable steps below. 


Set notification by job

To configure email notifications by job, click the Select a job dropdown and choose a job. 


A list of available email notifications is displayed. Users already configured to receive a given notification are listed below the notification. 


Click Configure or Add Notification next to the notification you wish to enable for the job.

Note: Scorecard reminders email notifications and Slack notifications can be managed from the Configure Notifications page, but include a few additional steps not covered in this article. Please see the following article to learn more: Scorecard reminders notification.


Click the Participant(s) dropdown and select the user who should receive the notification. All notifications can be sent to a named user. Some notifications also can be sent to the job's Hiring Manager(s), the Candidate's Recruiter, and/or the Candidate's Coordinator. 

Note: If the Hiring Manager, Candidate's Recruiter, or Candidate's Coordinator are not listed in the the Participant(s) dropdown for a given notification type, these roles cannot be configured to receive the notification.


When finished editing a notification, click Save.  


Set notification by user

If you select to set notifications by user, the Configure Notifications page displays a list of all users with Site Admin permissions, and all users with Job Admin permissions on at least one job.

To edit a user's job-related notifications, click Edit next to # jobs and inline with the user's name.

Note: Clicking Edit next to (#) candidates allows you to see which candidates the user is following, and remove the user from following any of those candidates.


In the subsequent dialog box, click Turn all on or Turn all off to configure notifications in bulk for the user, such as for New applicant emails and New internal applicant emails. Click Done at the bottom of the dialog box when finished.


To configure notifications more granularly for the user, click the Select one dropdown to choose a specific job. 


After selecting a job, assign email notifications to the user for that job by checking the appropriate boxes. Click Save at the bottom of the dialog box when finished. 


Actions that will not trigger an email notification

Some instances where an automatic email notification will not send include:

  • A user schedules an interview where they themselves are the interviewer.
  • A user is configured to receive notifications for candidates who have moved to a certain stage and the user is the one who moved the candidate to that stage.
  • A user is configured to receive notifications for scorecards submitted for a certain stage and the user is the one who submitted a scorecard in that stage.

If you run into email delivery issues, please reach out to our Support team using the Get help button for troubleshooting assistance.