Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Resume parse

Greenhouse Recruiting's resume parsing feature scans an imported resume and auto-fills appropriate fields with information it detects when adding a new candidate or prospect to your account. 

Screenshot of the parse resume box.

If a resume fails to parse, none of the candidate or prospect fields will be filled in with information. Greenhouse Recruiting automatically attaches the resume to the candidate or prospect profile, and the user will need to input values into the fields manually

Note: We are unable to parse resume files larger than 2.5MB.

Unsuccessful resume parse

We've outlined issues you may encounter that results in an unsuccessful resume parse:

Fake resumes

A fake resume is one that contains fake or poorly disguised data. For instance, one might create a fake name and address such as the following:

First Last
23 First Street
Anywhere, US 12345

While the phone number and the first line of the address will parse correctly, the parser will not recognize First Last or the Town name as valid. 

Other incorrect data might include fake company names such as Company 1, Client 1, Any Company, and more. An appropriate way to disguise a company name would be to use something like Mycomp Inc. The same is true for school names, job titles, and other resume/CV components.

Resume formatting issues

Here are some general issues that may result in an unsuccessful parse:

  • A resume with spaces between the letters. The parser won't be able to read it as one word
  • Resumes that include graphics, photos, or word art
  • Saving the resume as an image
  • Complex resumes with tables, headers, and footers
  • Resumes with the name and contact information in the header, footer, or text box
  • Resumes that have a columned layout
  • Resumes without clear sections and differing formats throughout each section
  • Company names that don't include identifying words such as Inc., Co., LTD, LLC, and more
  • Resumes with incomplete job titles. For example, Sr. Account Exec instead of Senior Account Executive