How do I resend invitations to multiple users at the same time?

Please note this feature is limited to Standard and Premium customers.

  • Click the Configure tab
  • Click Users
  • You'll first need to filter the list of users.  Put a check next to Never signed in only
  • Click Bulk Actions

  • Click Select All
  • Click Edit Selected
  • Click Resend Invites



* Please note, if you would like to resend invitation to an individual user, this can be done by going to Configure>Users>Selecting the user's profile>and in the upper right corner selecting "Resend Invite".

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  • Avatar
    Mary O'Reilly

    Where is Bulk Actions here?

  • Avatar
    Jess Bertubin

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for writing in!

    After navigating to Configure > Users, the Bulk Actions button can be found above the list of user names, underneath the filters at the top. I've updated the FAQ to include a screenshot of where to find this :)

    Feel free to email if you have any follow up questions!


  • Avatar
    Fawn Tornicelli

    I was having difficulty in this area too - but then realized there were additional steps to take: Click on NEVER SIGNED IN ONLY - click on BULK ACTION - click on SELECT ALL - then the "Never signed in only" folks get a check mark next to their names - then click on EDIT SELECTED - this give the white pop out box which will have the option: User Actions: Resend Invites. - Just wanted to pass along my "ah-ha" moment! Thanks GH for all you do for us!

  • Avatar
    Olivia Hirsch

    Hi Fawn,

    Thanks for providing this additional insight! We love helping Greenhouse customers and please feel free to reach out to us at anytime!

    Thank you,

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