How do I set up a Take Home Test?

Users with permissions to edit the hiring plan of a job can add a Take Home Test stage to the Interview Pipeline of a job.

There are three steps to setting this up:

  1. Add the Take Home Test stage to the Interview Plan
  2. Configure the template message to the candidate
  3. Configure the test grading 

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Step 1: Add the Take Home Test stage to the Interview Plan

  • When viewing an individual job, click the Job Setup tab
  • Click Interview Plan
  • Click the + Stage button
  • Select Take Home Test, and then click Add


Step 2: Configure the message to the candidate

Once the stage has been added, click Edit Take Home Test

Below are the fields that can be configured:

  • From:

By default, the "From" field will include the email token placeholder {{MY_EMAIL_ADDRESS}}, which will automatically populate the field with the sender's email address.  The field can be edited to include a static email if you like.

  • Subject:

By default, the "Subject" field will be "Take Home Test from <COMPANY_NAME>".  Feel free to edit.

  • Body:

By default, the "Body" field includes the text "Please include the attached take home test", but this can be customized.  This is where you'll want to include specific instructions on how to complete the exercise.

  • Upload link:

By default, Greenhouse automatically includes a link to a page where candidates can directly upload their completed tests.

This is what the email looks like to the candidate with the link included:


And this is the page where the candidate will submit the test:


If you'll be directing candidates to a third party tool to complete an assessment, or if you'd like candidates to submit their tests another way (e.g. to a specific email address), then be sure to put a check in the box next to Don't include this link.  Just be sure to include detailed instructions in the Body field as to how candidates should go about completing and submitting the test.

  • Files to send candidate:

Click the Choose Files button.  You can select multiple files to attach if you like.


Step 3: Configure Test Grading

  • Who should grade this test?

You can set a default grader for all tests, or you can select a grader as the test is sent to the candidate.

  • Grading Guidelines

To ensure that tests are being evaluated consistently, you'll want to provide guidelines for the graders. 

  • Questions for graders

By default, the scorecard includes a "Key-Takeaways" text field.  If you'd like to include specific questions for the graders, perhaps as a way to further structure guidelines for grading, click the Add Question button.  This will include a new text field on the scorecard.

  • When the test is received, send notification to:

If the Take Home Test is configured to include the Upload link (see above), then the selected users will be alerted via an email notification when the candidate submits the test.  If the Take Home Test is configured such that the Upload link is not included, then the selected users will be alerted via an email notification when the test is manually uploaded.

  • Scorecard attributes to focus on:

As the purpose of the take home test exercise is to gauge each candidate's strengths in certain essential competencies, be sure to indicate on which exact scorecard attributes the designated grader needs to provide ratings.


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  • Avatar
    Kristen Hayward

    Hey there! I have a question - Can we time the take-home test and automate it to go out at a certain time?

  • Avatar
    Benjamin Cary

    Ditto on Kristen's question

  • Avatar
    Kristen Hayward

    Hey Benjamin!

    The answer at this time is no - I figured this out by testing it. However, I would suggest this as an upgraded feature!!


  • Avatar
    Bucky Hussain

    Ditto on both the above - is also there a way for an upload link to 'time out' so that we can have a deadline for submitting completed tests?

  • Avatar

    Hi Everyone!

    There's no way to schedule tests or set deadlines on them directly in Greenhouse, but some of our testing partners like HackerRank support this functionality. We did just release a feature that allows you to sort by candidates who haven't submitted a test after X number of days, so you can use that to reject candidates who miss the deadlines you've set for them.

    You can read about the new feature in our release notes here:

    Please let us know if you have any other questions!


  • Avatar
    Sarah Murley

    Hi there,

    I am just wanting to double check if there is a feature on the take home test where a time limit can be set from commencement? We are wanting to have a 25 minute time limit when candidates are completing the test.


  • Avatar

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for reaching out! No, there isn't a way to schedule the take home tests or have them expire after a set amount of time. Since the timestamp will be shown on the Activity Feed when you send the test and when it is submitted, you could use those to assess whether your candidates have submitted in time.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!


  • Avatar
    Karen Kennedy


    My graders are seeing all the attributes on the scorecard even though I did not select them. They were attributes to be used for the face to face interview, not the technical test. How can I turn them off?


  • Avatar
    Lucia Hoang

    Hi, Karen!

    The scorecard will show all the attributes that you assess for during your whole interview process. However, you can select specific attributes for your interviewers/graders to concentrate on.

    To do so, go into Job > Job Setup > Interview Plan. From there, find the Take Home Test stage and click "Edit Take Home Test." This will take you to a new page. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll find, "SCORECARD ATTRIBUTES TO FOCUS ON." There, you can select the attributes you want your test graders to focus on and then click save. When your graders view the scorecards, the attributes they must focus on will be highlighted yellow.

    Lucia Hoang

  • Avatar
    Tina Hatzi

    I uploaded the wrong test for a candidate, and it went to be scored. Now I can't upload the correct one, how do I do that? Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Swartwout

    Hi Tina,

    You can upload the correct one in their details tab. In the details tab, click "document" to add another attachment. Refresh your page and then find the document. Click the gear icon and one of the options will be "set as take home test". When the grader clicks their interview kit url, it will have the new test to grade too.


  • Avatar
    Jake Schnackenberg

    Hi - is there any way to give the candidate a deadline for the take home test - let's say x number of days from {{TODAY_DATE}}? If deadline feature is not supported currently, what solutions have people come up with? Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Judith Wubben


    Is it possible to have set up an e-mail template for the technical test? I can't select the correct e-mail template type for that.

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

  • Avatar
    Olivia Hirsch

    Hi Judith,

    Thanks for writing in! The email sent with the take home can be edited as part of the interview plan. From Job Setup>Interview Plan>Edit Take Home Test>here we can edit the email template to be sent to all candidates in this job and stage. It must be edited from the interview plan instead of the as an email template found under Configure.

    I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

    Thank you,

  • Avatar
    Maria Gianicolo

    Is it possible to set up the Take Home Test as an Interview Kit too?
    This would be for candidates who have to present the exercise after submitting it. This way all the information (exercise results + presentation) would be stored in the same scorecard.
    Thank you!

    Edited by Maria Gianicolo
  • Avatar
    Taylor Kinney

    Hi! Ditto on the request for functionality that supports sending a test automatically (the same way you can set emails to be sent at a certain time in the future)... that would be awesome.

    As another question... is there a way to adjust the email graders receive when they are asked to grade the test? (Not the candidate email... the grader email.) I've found that my graders get confused because the candidate scorecard includes the candidate test info at the top of the "Interview Prep", and the take-home test instructions are often far down on the page. I'd love to be able to customize the email graders receive, so I can add a note telling them to scroll down.

    It would also be AWESOME if there was a way to add a link to another document for graders (ie... I have some R code for them to use to test the accuracy of a model/ test submission... but right now I am keeping that in google docs and including the URL in greenhouse... I haven't found a way to add a hyperlink or attach the file.)

    Thanks! Sorry for so many questions!