Agency recruiter's view of a candidate

By default, agency recruiters are only able to see the status of their referred candidates (active, rejected, or hired) as well as any rejection notes shared with agency recruiters. Agency recruiters will not see any other notes, scorecards, or interview feedback.

However, your organization can choose to share additional information with agency recruiters by managing your permission policies.

You can choose to share the following additional information with agency recruiters:

  • Current stage for submitted candidates
  • Next scheduled interview for submitted candidates

Note: You must be a Site Admin to manage permission policies.

To manage permission policies, click Configure on your navigation bar, then select Permission Policies from the left panel.

Click Agencies.

Check to include any additional information you want your organization to share with agency recruiters.

Agency Recruiter permission policy options are shown, with checks to share current stage and next scheduled interview

Once you've enabled these permissions, agency recruiters will see their submitted candidates and interview statuses in Agencies.

A candidate named Olive Jones is shown in the Agency Portal with a next scheduled interview and current stage status shown