Permissions: Site Admins, and Job Admins who can add and remove users to their assigned jobs

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

You can export a list of users and their assigned permissions to an Excel (.xlsx) file. However, the users included in this export will be different based on your own permissions:

  • When a Site Admin exports a user list, it will contain the full list of Greenhouse Recruiting users and their assigned permissions.
  • When a Job Admin with the additional permission Can add and remove users to their assigned jobs exports a list, it will include basic users and other Job Admins on their assigned jobs. However, this export won't include the following users:
    • Site Admins
    • Job Admin-level users on jobs where you aren't a Job Admin

You can export the user list by clicking Export to Excel on the Users page. (Configure Configure icon > Users > Export to Excel

Screenshot of export to excel button

An .xlsx file will be available in your computer's Downloads folder. 

Screenshot of user export