How do I generate an offer letter within Greenhouse?

There a few steps to generating offer letters within Greenhouse. Here is a video on how to go about this process as well.

Here's the overview:

  • Create an offer letter template
  • Upload the offer letter template
  • Select the appropriate offer letter template when you're ready to generate an offer letter for an individual candidate

Here are the details:

Step 1: Create an offer letter template

Offer letter templates must be created in Word.  PLEASE NOTE: Only .docx files can be used.  This is essentially like preparing a mail merge, so you'll be able to use tokens from Greenhouse to make sure that the letters are personalized when you generate them for individual candidates.  As you're working to draft the template in Word, you'll probably want to navigate to the Offer Letter Templates page (via the Configure tab) to reference the list of available tokens.  If you're looking for a particular token and don't see it listed, remember that you can create custom tokens.  Click here to read the FAQ article on creating custom tokens.

A heads-up: Word is sometimes funny about formatting, so be careful when pasting tokens into the template (you might want to just type them out or paste as plain text).  If the formatting around the token is broken, Greenhouse will not be able to interpret the token when you go to generate an offer letter.




Here's an example of an offer letter template in Word:


Step 2: Upload the template

For each template you create (you can create as many as you like), you'll need to upload it.

  • Click the Configure tab
  • Click Offer Letter Templates
  • Click the Upload New button
  • Click Choose File to locate the file on your computer
  • Click Save Template


Step 3: Select the appropriate template when you're ready to generate an offer letter

  • Navigate to a candidate's profile page
  • Click the Offer Details tab
  • Click to create an offer, or if an offer already exists, click Generate Offer Letter
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate template
  • Click Generate

A heads-up: If the selected template contains tokens that are not populated within the candidate's profile, you will receive a warning.  In the example below, there were no values in the Start Date or Salary fields on the offer:

You'll either want to update the offer to populate those fields, or edit the letter before it is sent to the candidate.


If the offer letter was successfully generated, you will see a .docx file appear, and then shortly after, a .PDF file will appear in the Offer Letter Created box. 




Using the example template from above, here's what the generated letter looks like:


To send the letter to the candidate, click Send Offer Letter.  You will be able to select an email template, or you can type your message in the Body text field.  The offer letter will automatically be attached as a PDF.  Click Send Email.


After you've sent the letter to the candidate, be sure to click either Accepted or Reject Candidate once you've heard back from the candidate. 





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  • Avatar
    Stefan Bauer

    Can we please get currency for the salary field?

  • Avatar
    Lucia Hoang

    Hi Stefan,

    To configure salary field on offers to be a currency, you can go into Configure > Custom Options > Offers. Then click [+ Add Field]. This will pull up a module with information on the Salary field. Under the "Type" dropdown menu, select "Currency."

    Then configure the rest of the field information. Once you're done, click "Save" at the bottom right hand corner. This salary field will now be available for all future offers.

    I recommend removing the old salary field that was not a currency type. Any existing data for this field will still be visible, but the field will no longer show up for new offers.

    I hope this clarifies everything! Please let me know if you have any more questions or concerns!


  • Avatar
    MG Miranda

    Hi,Can convert the salary in words? Also, do we have Candidate Last name token?

  • Avatar
    Jill Shah

    How do we enable signatures through Greenhouse? We don't want employees to download the PDF, sign and then send - it would be great if they could open the offer letter generated by Greenhouse, sign it there and then and send it back. Is this possible?