Permissions: Employees

Product tier: Available for the Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tier

Your organization can assign E-Signature documents as part of your onboarding plan to automate the paperwork process and collect important signatures from you.

This article covers how to complete and download your assigned E-Signature documents in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Review your assigned documents

When you've been assigned E-Signature documents, you can review which documents you need to complete:

Sign a document

From your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage, scroll to Documents to Sign.

Click Needs Signing next to the E-Signature document you want to sign.

Documents to sign section of employee homepage with Needs signing button highlighted

Alternatively, you can navigate to Documents in your employee profile.

Click the three dots icon next to the document you want to sign, then click Sign.

Documents tab in employee profile with Sign button highlighted

Your E-Signature document or form will appear in a dialog box. Click Get started to begin signing.

E-Signature dialog box with Get started button highlighted

Click on a required E-Signature field to add your signature.

Draw, type, or upload your signature, then click Insert.

Insert signature example

Repeat this step for all required signatures in your E-Signature document.

Click Continue, then click I agree to complete your E-Signature.

Download a completed document

Once you've signed your E-Signature document, you can download a copy to keep for your own records.

Learn how to download your signed E-Signature document.

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