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Part of Greenhouse Recruiting’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) feature set, resume anonymization uses machine learning to identify and anonymize certain pieces of candidate information to mitigate bias and improve fair hiring practices.

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Benefits of resume anonymization

Resumes contain a lot of personal information about candidates, and hiring teams may experience bias even without realizing it.

Many peer-reviewed studies have shown that hiring bias is reduced when candidates’ identifying information is concealed. Hiring teams have already seen these results with the anonymization of take-home tests

Greenhouse Recruiting’s resume anonymization tool uses machine learning, a component of AI, to identify and anonymize candidates’ identifying information. This provides the following benefits:

  • Makes your hiring practice fairer and more equitable from the beginning
  • Helps you identify the most qualified candidates
  • Improves the candidate experience so they can feel confident applying through Greenhouse

How resume anonymization works

Note: This feature is currently optimized for resumes written with Latin characters.

Greenhouse Recruiting uses a proprietary machine-learning model to identify and conceal specific candidate data. The model breaks the candidate's resume into sections, which are then scanned for keywords, phrases, and other information that could identify the candidate. Our model uses state-of-the-art deep learning models that have been trained to work with the highest possible accuracy.

Note: No candidate resumes were used in the training of our machine learning model.

Anonymized fields

Resume anonymization conceals candidate details that have the highest incidence of enabling bias. Studies show that this includes gender, photo, and related information.

Example: The presence of a candidate’s name on their resume can unintentionally influence an employer to assume the candidate’s gender. Other places the candidate’s name is used, such as in their email address, can have the same effect. Resume anonymization accounts for these factors to conceal the most relevant information.

The following pieces of information can be anonymized:

  • Name
  • Titles
  • Suffixes
  • Gender
  • Photo
  • Race/ethnicity/nationality
  • Marital status
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Links to social media profiles

While our model is highly precise, it's important to note it may not cover every part of the application review process. When your organization includes custom application questions, the applicant's responses could potentially disclose identifiable details. Additionally, if the resume includes a headshot with peripheral details like a company logo on clothing, these details might still be visible.

Use resume anonymization

Configure resume anonymization for your jobs

Note: Only Site Admins and Job Admins can make changes to a job's interview plan.

Go to Jobs and select one of your open jobs. Then, select Job Setup > Interview Plan. Resume anonymization can be turned on for two stages: Application Review and Hiring Manager Review. Click the Edit icon next to the stage name and go to the Additional Settings section. Add a checkmark to the box next to Anonymize resumes in Application Review, then select Save to enable resume anonymization.

Anonymized resumes will become visible in the Application Review within 40 minutes. The time required for the tool to anonymize resumes varies depending on the number of applications the job has received.

View an anonymized resume

Note: Resume anonymization is currently available only for the following stages:

When you're viewing the job dashboard, select the Review Applications button in the Pipeline tab.

resume anoynmization_review applications 2.jpg

This button will only appear if you're a recruiter or hiring manager on the hiring team and there are candidates to review.

You can also follow these steps to access a resume for application review.

Recruiters and hiring managers can access a candidate’s full resume on their candidate profile.

Provide feedback on anonymization

Every anonymized resume includes the ability to leave feedback on the accuracy of the anonymization. Your feedback is crucial to the ongoing development of resume anonymization, and we encourage you to submit your thoughts.


Turn off resume anonymization for a job

To turn off resume anonymization for a specific job, go to the job’s Interview Plan page and uncheck the box next to Anonymize resumes in Application Review. Then, click Save.



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