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Greenhouse Recruiting

Filter for custom fields within custom reports

When creating a custom report with Report Builder, you can now add filters for custom fields included as report columns.

Greenhouse Onboarding

Custom access to view the E-Signature report

Greenhouse Onboarding users with custom access to manage employee documents and signature requests can now view the E-Signature report.


  • Candidate sourcing: is an AI search and talent engagement platform that allows users to export candidates into Greenhouse Recruiting and notifies users which candidates in their search results already exist within their ATS.
  • Candidate sourcing: HireQuotient’s talent sourcing tool, EasySource, helps talent sourcers automate time-consuming sourcing tasks to narrow the talent search and enhance the quality of the candidate pool.

Bug fixes

  • Submitted scorecards displayed an "Edited" badge when candidates were transferred to another job.
  • Candidate interview reminders displayed the wrong organization name for some users.
  • Candidate interview reminders included future interview stages rather than displaying only the candidate's current stage.