Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Offer forecast uses machine learning from the recruiting process to make a prediction for each job about when an offer might be accepted and when a new hire's start date might begin. Use offer forecast to hone your recruiting pipeline, communicate timelines, and engage your team towards a goal.

Use offer forecast

Each job will share one offer forecast for the oldest opening on the job. Each offer forecast consists of the following:

  • A predicted offer acceptance date
  • A predicted new hire start date
  • A target start date that you can edit

Note: The start date prediction in the offer forecast widget is not available for organizations with accounts in Silo 101. Learn more.

To use offer forecast, first navigate to a job.

On the job dashboard, the offer forecast is located at the bottom-right of the page.

Edit target start date

If you haven’t used offer forecast before on a job, click Set target start date to set a target start date for the job opening. This should be the date that you want the new employee to begin work.

After saving your target start date, work on your recruiting efforts as normal. Over time, offer forecast will apply smart machine learning to build an offer forecast for your job.

You can check the offer forecast over time to see how your efforts are paying off.

offer forecast panel highlighted in marigold on job dashboard.png

Offer forecast will share a predicted range for offer acceptance and new hire start dates. The forecast may change over time. Learn more about how it works.

Target start date status

Note: Target start date statuses won't appear for organizations with accounts in Silo 101. Learn more.

Once you’ve set a target start date, offer forecast will share whether you’re on track or off track to meet your target.

Status Meaning
On track The predicted start date is on or earlier than your target start date.
Heads up The predicted start date is later than your target start date.

Learn more about how offer forecast works.