Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

A candidate’s source is an important data point that can help your organization evaluate its recruiting efforts and provide data for reports like the Candidate quality by source report.

This article shows you how to view or edit an individual candidate’s source. You can also update candidate source information in bulk.

View or edit a candidate's source

Navigate to the candidate’s profile and click the Details tab.

Candidate profile with an orange box around the Details tab.png

Scroll to the Source & Responsibility section.The candidate’s source, recruiter, and coordinator are shown. 

Source & Responsibility section of the candidate profile.png

To edit the source, hover your mouse next to the source field and click the pencil icon Screenshot-of-the-pencil-icon.png that appears.

Pencil icon next to the Source field.png

In the Update Source window, choose a new source from the Source dropdown list, then click Update Source.

Update Source window displaying the Source and Who gets credit dropdown menus.png

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