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Internal mobility is an important aspect of talent retention. Greenhouse Recruiting helps you quickly identify internal candidates by distinguishing them with a chip so you can easily spot them in a candidate list or when viewing their candidate profiles.

Internal candidate chips

Throughout Greenhouse Recruiting, internal candidates are distinguished with a chip marking them as internal. This tag is visible on the All Candidates page and on the candidate profile.

On the All Candidates page, the tag displays next to the candidate's name.

On their profile, internal candidates are identified by tags above their names.

In the visual candidate pipeline, candidates are labeled Internal, with a gray tag.

Visual pipeline showing the grey internal candidate chip

How are candidates determined to be internal?

Candidates are marked as internal if their source is Internal Applicant.

Note: The Source field is the only element that determines whether a candidate is internal. For example, candidates who use their organizational email address to apply to an external job post are not automatically flagged as internal candidates.

By default, the Source for applicants who apply using an internal job board post is Internal Applicant.

Note: Organizations can customize their internal job board's settings to give applicants a Source other than Internal Applicant. If you change the job board's Source to an option other than Internal Applicant, applicants will not be automatically marked as internal candidates.

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